A quick video showing how to implement sidechain compression in Presonus Studio One. What is sidechain compression? When we compress a track we are essentially keeping the signal’s dynamic range within a set threshold. This helps to keep volume even over the course of a performance, and also helps to ensure instruments sit properly into a mix. So what does it mean to “sidechain” compession?

Sidechain compression allows the level of one instrument to effect the level of another. A very common example is when the mixing a bass instrument (guitar, synth, etc) with a kick drum we will want the output volume of the kick drum to lower the volume of the bass when the kick hits. We do this for a couple of different reasons. For starters, the bass and kick drums usually occupy similar frequency ranges. This leads to muddiness in a mix. Sidechain compression helps clear up this mud. Secondly when we add sidechain compression in this manner we introduce a nice “pumping” effect that is popular in dance music.

Studio One makes it very simple to add sidechain compression. Check out the video above to learn how.

Presonus Studio One

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