I bought my first MacBook Pro about 3 months ago after many months of deliberation. Prior to owning the MacBook I was using a Mac Mini. That Mac Mini had been my first Apple computer, before that I was always a Windows user. When my last Microsoft tower died I decided to give Apple a try. That was a great change for me. No more hassles with drivers, no more hassles with peripherals, and I could get into the large ecosystem of music software available for Mac (not to mention all the cool stuff that went with it for the iPad and iPhone, like Studio One Remote).

The Mac Mini was a workhorse, and performed well for me for a couple of years, but I definitely was in the market for a laptop. When Apple announced that they were making a 16 inch version of the MacBook Pro it piqued my interest. But I kept reading online that music software wasn’t yet compatible with Catalina, and the new MacBook came loaded with Catalina.

A few months after the MacBook was released I noticed that more and more software became Catalina compatible. I decided to pull the trigger and get the new MacBook Pro and just deal with any plugins that didn’t work until the developers could get around to getting an update.

This worked great, there really weren’t that many problems with any of the software. The last piece of software that got updated for Catalina was BFD3, and now that I have that update everything is working without a problem on this computer.

In this video I just talk through my experience a little with the MacBook, and show some of the plugins that I use so that you can assess what could work for you if you decide to upgrade to Catalina or buy a new MacBook Pro.

I even bought a dbrand skin for this laptop. I’m OCD about the computer casing getting scratched up, so I wanted to a skin to help protect. It feels great and gives me some piece of mind when moving this laptop around.

I hope this video helps other music producers decide if a MacBook is right for them. When I was trying to make a decision about this laptop it was really helpful for me to hear of other musicians’ experiences, so I want to contribute back to the community.

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